The People’s Revolution and Teachers UNITE –
Wednesday 31st August 2022

Join The People’s Revolution, Teachers Professional Association Queensland and the teachers themselves, on Wednesday the 31st of August. As they push back against the contradictory, the corrupt and the discriminatory pay cuts for teachers who chose to not partake in an experimental medical trial, known as the C19 Injection.

Unjabbed teachers are now allowed to work next to jabbed teachers, but on a reduced pay, to do the exact same job. – This is about forcing compliance, not about health.

Australia, stand up now and be counted.
People from all walks of life. From all the lands.
From all religions. From all levels of income. We came here for the freedom and opportunities.
Now walk as one with The People’s Revolution and protect what we came for!

When: Wednesday 31st August 2022
Where: Speakers Corner Outside QLD Parliament
Time: 10.30am

This will be a great lead in to the World Wide Rally on September 17.

Lets give our support to the Teachers!

Queensland Health Practitioner Alliance is an official coalition partner of the World Council for Health.