Market Research Survey Privacy Statement

Market Research Survey - Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement for Queensland Practitioners Health Alliance (QHPA) is in relation to the Market Research Survey we have distributed in July 2022 and lets you know what personal information of yours we collect, how we collect it, what we do with it, and who we will disclose it to.

What personal information does QHPA collect and hold via the Market Research Survey?

From the Market Research Survey, the information QHPA collects will include opinions, feedback in relation to products and services, feedback in relation to name, age, occupation, income range, employment, household status and geographical location. Information will only be collected with your prior consent and by completing the survey you are providing your consent. The information we collect is deemed relevant or necessary for our required research.

How does QHPA collect and hold your personal information?

QHPA will collect your personal information directly from the answers you provide via the Market Research Survey. No third parties will gain access to any information that you provide to us. The information provided will be collated and related reports will be generated by Typeform and used exclusively by QHPA.

What are the purposes for which QHPA uses and discloses your personal information?

QHPA will only use your personal information, including your opinions and feedback, for the purpose of conducting our own research and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We will not use or disclose your personally identifiable information for the purpose of advertising, promotions or direct marketing activities, unless you have agreed within the Market Research Survey to subscribe to the QHPA newsletter.  We will only contact you if you have provided permission within the survey for QHPA to do so and if we have valid reasons to believe a genuine research concern warrants such contact.

Who will QHPA disclose your personal information to?

QHPA will not disclose any personally identifiable research information we collect from you with third parties and will only report the information you provide in an aggregate form that will not personally identify you.

In the course of conducting our research, we rely on Typeform to host and store the data we collect. This survey data and research information will not be personally identifiable. We will also take reasonable steps to ensure any service providers (and their employees and contractors) comply with the Privacy Act and this Privacy Policy and/or are subject to similar privacy laws and you have the ability to enforce those rights.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement or believe that we have at any time failed to keep one of our commitments to you to manage your personal information, then please don’t hesitate to contact us via the following contact method:

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