Positive for COVID? How can I get an Exemption?

New ATAGI Guidelines released this week (Monday 24th January) – now advise a maximum of 4 months possible exemption post covid infection.

A quote from the guidelines states: “PCR-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection, where vaccination can be temporarily deferred up until 4 months after the infection.”  This is not considered an exemption, but just a temporary deferral while a patient is recovering from covid.

Services Australia who administer the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) for the Health Department have their own guidelines which contradict ATAGI, as well as the IM011 Medicare Form used for vaccination exemption.

Access the Services Australia Guidelines – which state many criteria that are ineligible for vaccination exemption, including prior infection with the same pathogen in a vaccine.

So as you can see, all these contradictions are the source of much of the confusion and there is a strong need for clarity.  Many people who put in an exemption with their doctor are still having them denied at the AIR due to Services Australia’s criteria not being met.

We need to continue to argue for the longstanding concept of Natural Immunity to be accepted and validated. Let’s defend our natural right to contract and recover from an illness with tried and true natural methods if we so choose!

Let’s start trusting and supporting our body to do what it has always done!

Queensland Health Practitioner Alliance is an official coalition partner of the World Council for Health.