Defending our right to practice Healthcare in Australia


The QHPA team came together in response to the Queensland Government mandates, where we were faced with making difficult decisions between upholding our right to bodily autonomy and medical choice and maintaining our livelihoods. As such, we started the organisation and quickly embarked on a range of political actions to defend our rights, choices and freedoms.

Within our organisation we have active members who are pooling their resources, ideas and activism initiatives to lead the charge in this political fight. We encourage all our members to be involved in raising awareness both in the community as well as having a voice in the political sector. Our local, state and federal representatives are all individually and collectively responsible at shaping decisions that impact on members of the public, who are their constituents, as well as the broader community.

Our members are supported in their political activism through our weekly zoom calls and newsletters which serve to inspire and motivate them to take a stand and make a difference in the various strategic actions we initiate. We offer our members the option to be part of a team and avoid feeling like their one small voice is lost in the political wilderness. Our QHPA activism and political arm empowers and aids our members to be a part of a collective voice that demands attention and becomes a stronger force for real change.

Where relevant, QHPA joins forces with other health freedom medical and professional groups as well as like-minded community groups to send clear messages to our elected representatives on key areas of concern. We were co-signatories on an important open letter to the government and regulatory agencies calling for a halt to covid vaccines in young children. We are stongly committed to make the political leaders accountable and advocate for transparency in the political process.

We welcome your input and ideas in how we can best defend our freedom to practice our professions and serve our community, doing the jobs we love.

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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.