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QHPA have engaged Kennedy Spanner Lawyers to challenge the 10 November 2021 direction by the Queensland Chief Health Officer  (CHO) requiring all people who work in a ‘healthcare setting’ to receive two doses of COVID-19 vaccine by the 15 December 2021.

Our aim at QHPA from a legal perspective is to successfully challenge the CHO Direction.  This is a vast and expensive undertaking and to achieve this goal, QHPA needs your generous financial support.

We are asking all health professionals impacted by the CHO directive to join with us in this legal battle and pool our individual financial resources into a larger group sum that can have a much bigger impact. The most efficient and impactful way to contribute to our legal campaign is make a financial contribution directly to our Kennedy Spanner Lawyers Trust Fund.

These donated monies are being used to retain our expert team of lawyers and barristers who are currently engaged in legal proceedings to fight the mandates, directly aimed at supporting you in being able to continue to practice.  We understand this is a challenging time for all of our practitioners and healthcare workers, however this fund and legal campaign has been created for YOU, so we can fight these mandates and enable you to continue to provide your health services, maintain your livelihood and practice free of coercion and regulatory and government overreach.

How can I contribute?

Practitioners and Health Workers

To become a contributing member to our official Legal Fund, please first join QHPA as a Professional Member and your Professional Member Dashboard will outline the full details. Joining our legal trust fund gives you full updates on our legal campaign, changes in progress and procedures, and allows you to have a say in the course and direction of the legal fund.

If you do not wish to become a professional member or you do have sufficient funds to contribute a larger sum to our formal legal campaign, we invite you instead to consider making a donation to our My Cause legal fundraising campaign. Every contribution, no matter how small, can make a difference and will be put to good use!

Community Members

We invite members of the public and our community members who wish to support our legal campaign and advocacy work for health freedom to  make a donation directly to our My Cause legal fundraising campaign. We are all working hard to uphold medical freedom and choice, not just for our practitioners but for all Australians. Your financial contribution will make a difference!

We sincerely thank you for your support and generosity.

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QHPA also welcomes community members who wish to support medical freedom and choice as well as support their healthcare providers in their right to choose their medical interventions.

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