Professional Membership

Professional Membership

Our Alliance Supports You

QHPA Professional Member

We invite all allied health professionals, doctors, nurses, paramedics and complementary health practitioners to join our QHPA Professional Membership.

  • QHPA Professional Membership supports our alliance's administrative, advocacy and legal work and allows us to broaden our scope of services offered by our group to its members.
  • Your Professional Membership grants you access to our websites Professional Member Dashboard where you can find a range of member only resources, legal documents, useful research papers, weekly zoom invites, zoom meeting replays & webinars.
  • Professional Membership also includes access to the majority of Community Member and Student Member resources.
  • All our resources have been researched or sourced by QHPA Members and collated to provide useful information in the key areas impacting on our clinical practice or employment within the health sector. Additionally, where necessary, we outsource advice and information by leading legal experts to ensure we provide the best information around general legal, legislative and administrative matters for our members as a group.
  • Please note that QHPA does not have the capacity to provide comprehensive personal legal advice, but we do work with and refer to a team of lawyers who may be able to assist our members in individual legal matters.
  • Professional Members will also receive exclusive access to our private online Health Practitioner Hub for sharing relevant information and creating collaborative opportunities, referrals and connection between health professionals.
  • QHPA is also working towards meeting the varied needs of our professional members in the future, including potential options for insurance, training  and CPE, if the demand exists.

Experiencing Financial Hardship?

QHPA aims to make our professional membership affordable for our members, whilst still giving us the financial support and scope to further our legal and advocacy work. All membership fees go towards projects that are 100% in aid of our members. We also fully understand that due to the government mandates, some health workers and practitioners may be experiencing extreme financial hardship. As such we would like to offer these members an option to apply for a concessional membership rate and receive a discount coupon code. We also have concessional rates for retired practitioners and pensioners who wish to be QHPA members.

Please email our admin team with your details and situation for our consideration -  [Subject:  Professional Membership Concession Application].

QHPA Structure & Accountability

QHPA is a not-for-profit organisation run by a team of volunteer health professionals who are donating their time, energy and expertise in seeing the success of QHPA's goals. QHPA has a declaration of trust and procedural code of conduct that our founding members follow.  We are fully committed to ethics, transparency and accountability. All membership fees go towards our current legal campaigns, political and community activism initiatives, administrative needs and the development of new community healthcare models.

We welcome and value your interest and support of our organisation.

Sign up to our newsletter

In addition to becoming a full supporting MEMBER of QHPA, we invite you to join our complimentary newsletter.

QHPA also welcomes community members who wish to support medical freedom and choice as well as support their healthcare providers in their right to choose their medical interventions.

Stay up-to-date with our legal, political & community activism initiatives, and learn more about revolutionising health care in Australia.

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