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Medical Freedom, Integrative Wellness, Ethics in Healthcare


We are an alliance that supports medical freedom, choice, integrative wellness and ethics in healthcare.

QHPA is an organisation run by a collective team of medical, complementary and allied health professionals who are volunteering their time, skills and resources to advocate for medical freedom and choice. Our membership fees help cover the administrative costs of running QHPA and go towards website management, hosting, newsletter database, admin assistance and printing of brochures and materials. Our membership fees also enable us to be able to engage in legal consultancy and offer our members detailed legal resources, templates and advice as the situation changes.

As a new organisation that is rapidly expanding to meet a changing landscape of medicine and healthcare we also have a vision for a new healthcare system that is focussed on supporting true health, wellbeing, prevention and patient education. We hope to also be able to distribute financial resources from our ongoing donations, memberships and fundraising towards new and innovative localised wellness networks.

We hope you share our vision to make a difference in the future of healthcare in Queensland and Australia by becoming a donating member.

Membership options

We have memberships available for anyone who is interested in medical freedom, choice, and ethics in healthcare.

  • As a new organisation, our initial membership donation option operates as a simple one-off joining fee.
  • Depending on how our organisation progresses in the future will dictate whether we will require a different membership structure (such as monthly or annual memberships), to fund and develop new projects such as health and wellness hubs, insurance options or alternatives to registration for our members.
  • Should an updated membership structure be initiated in the future, no additional funds will be charged to your account, you instead will have the option of re-joining QHPA on the new membership structure.
  • If you are experiencing financial hardship, be sure to check out the options for concessional memberships, including concessions for students, unemployed, retired practitioners and pensioners.
  • You can also support us via donation if you do not wish to become a member.


We invite all health professionals - allied health, doctors, nurses, GPs, paramedics, mental health, and complementary health practitioners - to join our QHPA professional membership.


We invite all current students of health and medical courses who are undergraduates, on placement or are post graduates students to join our QHPA student membership.


QHPA welcomes community members who wish to support medical freedom and choice as well as support their healthcare providers in their right to choose their medical interventions.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.