Block the Bill at Parliament House, Brisbane –
29 March 2022

A number of QHPA members will be travelling to Brisbane City, to raise awareness in the final steps to Block the Bill from passing in Parliament. While it is looking likely the vote will take place on the Tuesday, we will not know for sure. It could happen on the Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday up until Monday the 28th at 5.30pm. This will NOT effect our action on Tuesday 29th and we will still be there on this day!

State of Emergency

Did you know that, since 2020, the C19 State Of Emergency has been extended under a 12 month regulation, with 3 monthly extensions within that 12 month period. Every 12 months, a new regulation is made and again, every 3 months the SOE extended.
The previous 3 months was due to expire on December 26, but was instead extended on December 9th, until March 18, which is more than a three month period. We also know numerous MP’s will be voting against the bill. The pressure campaign on all MP’s between now and the 29th, is imperative in a successful block, so please spend time on this.

The next step between now and when the vote takes place in parliament on the 29th, is for you to contact every MP and make it absolutely clear, that you want them to vote against the bill.
A vote in any other way, will result in them being put last, come next election and they will lose their seat.

We hope you can join us!

Queensland Health Practitioner Alliance is an official coalition partner of the World Council for Health.