AMPS put Medical Organisations on Notice

The Australian Medical Professionals’ Society (AMPS) is an industrial association of employees whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of members in matters concerning their employment.

AMPS are a non-party political alternative to the AMA and ASMOF.  Their mission is to fight for doctors’ rights at work and beyond without the politics, or exorbitant fees.


In August 2022, AMPS shared an OPEN Letter, to all The Australian Colleges and Associations of Medicine, Health, and Science, and All Australian Federal, State, and Territory Senators and Members of Parliament.

This extremely well-referenced letter puts these parties on notice in light of evidence that calls into question the ‘safety & effectiveness’ of the COVID ‘vaccines’— to date, no other drugs in human history have reported more deaths, illnesses, injuries, and disabilities than the COVID-19 injectable.

The letter advises Medical Organisations to notify their members, and that they support moves to allow health professionals to practice according to the science and not simply based on Government policies. The letter also highlights that AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority) Is not legally within its rights to censor or suppress opposing views on this subject.

Included within the letter is a link to a comprehensive report prepared by Dr Phillip Altman.   We highly recommend that you give this report the attention it deserves, and share alike.  Here is an extract from AMPS letter:

“To assist your organisation and membership to understand the causes leading to these concerning signals, we provide to you the comprehensive and up-to-date report of Dr Phillip Altman. By way of background, Dr Altman’s report has been used in modified formats to assist judiciaries in Australia and New Zealand to understand the scientific evidence behind the COVID-19 injectables. We believe it is proving to be the long-awaited body of work needed by the Judicial, Medical, and Scientific communities of Australia, to bring clarity by critical scientific appraisal during these controversial times of COVID-19.”

And finally, the AMPS letter opens up the conversation and implores the importance of open dialogue in the support of evidence-based medical science.

“We implore you as fellows and colleagues to give the information and resource contained in this email your greatest attention, with a view to sharing the same with your members. There will doubtless be many questions arising from our email and we invite further discussion with you. All of your considerations and efforts towards the continued promotion of evidence-based medical science are greatly appreciated.”


AMPS is of the opinion that Australia is experiencing a highly significant iatrogenic event. Further, they believe that this did not have to occur: it could have been avoided, but for the state of Australia’s health law leading into the pandemic.

AMPS is strenuously of the view that in order to avoid a repeat of the recent past, Australian health law requires urgent reform. To this end they have invited every organisation in receipt of their Open Letter, including every parliamentarian CC’d, to review the Declaration and Urgent Demands for healthcare law.


Your invitation to read & sign the Declaration and Urgent Demands for healthcare law.

The Declaration with the Proposed Amendments will be delivered to all Senators and Members of Federal Parliament  hopefully before the next sitting.

AMPS believe that with your support, the Proposed Amendments have a real chance of being enacted into laws that better protect the health and safety of all Australians; for enshrining and protecting the doctor-patient relationship; establishing new prohibitions against government health messaging which is misleading and lacking in supporting data; for ensuring our TGA provide better consumer information and protections and data and safety procedures for Provisionally Approved drugs; for protecting Health Professionals who inform their communities on issues of health and courses of treatment, which their expertise equips them to do, without fear of sanctions from AHPRA or their National Board; while empowering all Health Professionals with new procedures ensuring Health Professionals determine their own codes of conduct, standards, and public health messages, not what National Boards or AHPRA seek to dictate be said or done, as is currently occuring often with little or no consultation with Health Professionals.

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