Queensland Health Practitioners Alliance

Queensland Health Practitioners Alliance

The Queensland Health Practitioner Alliance (QHPA) is group of medical, complementary and allied health professionals, who have joined forces to support medical freedom and ethics and maintain our right to practice our professions free of coercion, mandates, censorship and discrimination.

Our alliance was initially formed in response to the November 2021 Queensland government directives and mandates requiring forced vaccination of health professionals to be able to continue to practice in a face to face capacity.

The co-founders of our group have been working tirelessly, as a labour of love, to create this alliance as a hub for the many health professionals impacted by this mandate. We started out as a small group of health professionals and colleagues on the Sunshine Coast made up of naturopaths, doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, psychologists, chiropractors, osteopaths and a range of other allied health professionals. From these small beginnings we have since quickly grown to having over 5000 members right across Queensland in a couple of short but very busy months!

Our initial aim was to form a united group to collaborate regarding legal, political and community actions. In particular, we have had an urgent and ongoing need to pool our resources to fund a legal case to defend our right to practice and push back against the mandates.

Here at QHPA, we are volunteering our time in service of all our collective health professions and also the needs of patients and clients who require our services.

Witnessing the rapid growth and popularity of our organisation we quickly realised that a united voice for upholding rights and freedoms is much needed, in the current era of censorship, coercion and discrimination. We have formed sub groups in strategic areas of our work, from legal, activism and political issues to employment, resourcing, finance and visioning. Key members of these subgroups in turn form our steering and leadership committee, ensuring all members have a say in the direction that QHPA takes. We also have formed local area 'chapters' in a range of regional areas across Queensland to support our members in forming local collegial connections as well as uniting to raise awareness and advocate for health freedom in their local community. Community wellness hubs combining professional and community members of QHPA are also envisioned.

We welcome your input and ideas in how we can defend our freedom to practice our professions, serve our community and ultimately co-create a new healthcare system that is focussed on true health and wellbeing for all.

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Queensland Health Practitioner Alliance is an official coalition partner of the World Council for Health.