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The Queensland Health Practitioner Alliance (QHPA) is a group of medical, complementary and allied health professionals who have joined together in the fight to uphold our right to practice and support our community.

"We believe in the fundamental FREEDOM of every individual to choose their own medical treatments, procedures & healthcare options."

QHPA are taking legal, political & community action to push back against the Queensland Government directives that threaten our ability to support the many thousands of patients and clients who use our services across Queensland. We are also united by a vision to restore ethics and patient-centred healthcare back into medicine and create a truly integrative health and wellness model to support every individual in the community to achieve optimal health.

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Defending our right to practice our professions free of coercion, discrimination, censorship and forced vaccination by Queensland Government mandates.


Preventing Vaccine Injury In Children

QHPA has been involved in an important Open Letter to Australian politicians and regulatory agencies calling for the halt to the proposed roll out of the covid vaccination programme to Australian children. We have joined forces with other key medical networks both in Australia and internationally to write this formal correspondence and provide associated research and references that support our conclusion that vaccination of children is neither safe nor warranted.

Please VISIT THIS PAGE to read this crucial open letter & distribute to all parents, grandparents, teachers and those concerned Australian citizens who care about the future of our children in Australia.

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Queensland Health Practitioner Alliance is an official coalition partner of the World Council for Health.